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What is ABA Therapy?

ABA is an evidence-based science that helps individuals understand how behavior works, how behavior is impacted by the environment and how learning impacts behavior. ABA aims to improve socially significant behavior and to identify the variables responsible for the improvement in behavior.

ABA can help children and adults increase language, communication skills, improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, academics and decrease problem behaviors. ABA is individualized and is based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Each client has their own behavioral plan that is based on the results of their behavioral assessment.

ABA can be used to teach skills useful for everyday life!

How can I access ABA services for my child?

ABA is accessible to children and teens that have been diagnosed with Autism. Children and teens can have other diagnoses, but Autism is currently the requirement set by insurance standards to access ABA Therapy within Georgia. 

What skills does ABA apply to?

ABA can be applied to social skills such as playing with others, daily living skills, developing conversational skills, focusing on tasks, decreasing tantrums and more. ABA targets the four functions of behavior: Escape/Avoidance, Attention seeking, access to tangibles or reinforcements, and sensory.

How do I know if my child can access ABA services?

Your child must have a diagnosis of Autism to receive ABA services. If you aren't sure your child has ASD, please click here.

I'm still not sure about ABA, can I call and talk to someone who will listen to my concerns?

Of course! We encourage our parents to ask any question that they may have. We understand that it is difficult to make choices without adequate information. Please give us a call at 770-862-8378.


Daily Living Skills

We will help your child learn daily living skills such as toileting, washing hands, dressing, preparing meals, self-grooming and more. 

Group Skills

Your child will learn group skills (sitting in circle time, sharing, listening to a book etc.) to help participate in group activities.

Age Appropriate Activites

Age appropriate activities include incorporating activities into your child's routine that your child can do with peers their age.

& More!

We can do MUCH more for your child to help your child succeed. Send us a message below to request your BeeKind ABA Intake Forms today!

In-Home ABA Services

We provide services in-home, daycare, schools and the community.

We offer direct care services and telehealth.

Social Skills Training

Social skills training helps your child develop skills to help them communicate with others and enjoy being in social settings. Social skills training varies from child to child.

Behavioral Assessments

Prior to beginning ABA Services we will come out to meet you and your child in person. During this time we will conduct the behavioral assessment to identify your child's behavioral deficits. We also go over the results of the behavioral assessment with you.

Development of Communication Skills

We work on developing and building communication skills to increase your child's vocalizations and communication. We include  family members so that relationships can be built upon positive relationships and natural reinforcement. We also generalize skills to other settings and individuals.

Decrease Challenging Behavior

We will decrease and replace challenging behavior  (tantrums, tolerating being denied access, throwing objects, hitting others, etc.) with positive behaviors already in your child's behavioral repertoire. 

Parent Sessions

In-person parent sessions supports parents by teaching you ABA skills for life and with the focus on the working to meet the goals you have for your child. We then transform these goals into meaningful behavior change goals and provide in-person BCBA parent support.

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