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BeeKind FAQ

See the FAQ below for our most common questions!

1. What insurance do you take?

(A) BeeKind ABA Therapy accepts GA Medicaid/SSI, BCBS/Anthem, Amerigroup, Peach State/Wellcare for Kids, Katie Beckett, Caresource, New Directions and First Health. We do not accept Aetna, Cigna, Tricare or United Health Care.  

2. I don't understand ABA can you explain it to me? 

(A) Please click here.

3. Do you have a waitlist and what ages do you accept?

(A)We have BeeKind openings every 30-90 days. This program allows us to remove families off of waiting lists and into services within weeks. We accept children and teenagers between the ages of 2-16 years old. BeeKind ABA Therapy implements block scheduling. Some blocks may have openings whereas others have a 3 month waiting period.

4. What are BeeKind Scheduling Blocks?

(A) BeeKind Scheduling blocks are periods of time throughout the day that we have openings for clients and are comprised of morning, afternoon and afterschool slots.

5. Where do you provide services and do you work with other healthcare professionals?

(A) In-Home, school, daycares and the community. Yes, we work with a variety of healthcare professionals to support clients, this includes speech pathologists, feeding, 

6. What does your ABA program focus on?

(A) Social skills, communication, daily living skills, comprehension,  independence across the lifespan, safety and preparation for social settings. We work with AAC (speech device) in all settings.

7. What if I decide to not complete the enrollment form?

(A) Nothing. BeeKind ABA Therapy will not have your contact information to notify you of openings. We highly recommend families complete the enrollment form. We often reopen enrollment every 2-4 weeks. You can find the enrollment form here. The enrollment form should be completed on a tablet/computer/laptop. Cellphones do not process the entire form.

8. Do you work with children that have been diagnosed with DMDD? 

(A) BeeKind ABA Therapy does not work with children diagnosed with DMDD. This is beyond our area of expertise.

9. I believe my child needs 3-5 hours of ABA therapy, will you do this for me?

(A) No. Hours are clinically recommended by the BCBA. BeeKind ABA Therapy will not implement ABA services for convenience but rather for the best interests of the client.

10. I need immediate assistance. Can you make me and my child a priority for services?

(A) No. Behavioral modification takes time and ABA cannot modify behaviors overnight. If families are experiencing extreme stress and danger please call 911.

11. Can I pick and choose a therapists for my child?

(A) No. Therapists are assigned based on experience, client preferences and skill. 

12. What are the roles in ABA therapy and how do they apply to my child?

(A) Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA): The clinician that supervises your child’s case, progress, behavior plan, who you will meet with, etc.

Registered Behavior Technician: Implements the behavior plan created by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Parent/Caregiver: Legal guardian over the client.

13.What can I do to improve my child’s behavior and what can I do to improve sessions?

(A) Follow the protocol developed by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst and create opportunities for your child to gain independence. To improve sessions you should have all of your child’s basic needs met and their preferred items available if requested by the Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

14. How can I make the most of my child’s time in ABA therapy?

(A) Parents/Caregivers can make the most of their child’s time by encouraging independence and growth.

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