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"BeeKind is everything! My child's therapist is fun and engaging. The BCBA's are amazing. We have a full team with BeeKind that supports us. My child has grown so much and will be ready for school! I cannot thank BeeKind enough!" - BeeKind Family

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High Quality

In-Home ABA Services.

Individualized. Natural. Social. Learn. Grow. 

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Where Quality, Kindness and Effective ABA services intersect.

What is ABA?

ABA (Appplied Behavior Analysis) is the evidence-based approach to modifying behaviors.

Who can can receive ABA services?

Children as young as two years old with an ASD diagnosis can receive ABA services.

Preteens and young adults can receive ABA services as well!

Perks of the Natural Environment

In-Home ABA services builds on the natural environment. Dillenburger et al., (2009) found that parents new to ABA services and parents with two years of ABA services in in-home settings reported a positive impact on their children and achievement of complex goals. Natural settings include daycares, schools, and the community.

Streamlining Support from Bee-Z

We support you and your child beyond behavioral intervention plans; we support you in various environments, IEP meetings and in collaboration with other professionals.

In Home ABA Services Near Me | In-Home ABA Therapy I Georgia

Our Approach

The BeeKind approach to providing in-home ABA services is kindness first. We provide our families with compassionate, trained therapists and effective Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We pride ourselves on utilization of your child's natural environment to increase positive behaviors.

Our goal is is to make sure that you and your child benefit from quality services and an increase in positive, lifelong behaviors that enhance daily living skills and  independence.

We provide services in daycares, schools, in-home and the community.

BeeKind Family Reviews

*BeeKind real reviews; families are anonymous. Outcomes are based on individuals.*

"BeeKind is the best thing that has happened to my child. Thank you so much Emma!" - BeeKind Family

"Five stars for everyone here!" - BeeKind Family

"I avoided ABA for 16 years but really needed help. Emma eased our fears, explained ABA  assigned us a wonderful therapist and she worked with us for a year. A year later and our son is graduating from ABA, he's ordering food in restuarnts. Emma is wonderful. I can't thank her enough for creating a safe space that respects children and teens with Autism." - BeeKind Family 

"I thought ABA would be for life. Emma assessed my child and within 6 months he was graduating and moving into general Pre-K." - BeeKind Family

"Emma is honest and kind, BeeKind is a replica of her. Thank you Emma!" - BeeKind Family

"My child said "mama" for the first time EVER. I know that's because Emma believes in her and what she can do. Thank you Emma for believing in my child." - BeeKind Family 

"The team that makes up BeeKind is phenonmenal! Thank you!" - BeeKind Family

"ABA isn't easy and as parents we can be difficult. BeeKind gives parents a safe environment to discuss concerns. I've cried and I've failed at some goals but I wasn't judged. BeeKind is an ABA company that is kind to others. Needless to say, I'm impressed. Thank you everyone!" - BeeKind Family

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