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BeeKind ABA Presents:
Truth vs Myth Series
Launching April 10, 2024  via our Facebook Page

What is the Truth & Myth Series?

As misinformation is readily available at everyone’s fingertips, BeeKind ABA Therapy aims to break that noise.

The Truth vs Myth BeeKind ABA Therapy Weekly video series aims to assist families in distinguishing between truth and myth, fact versus fiction. With more families turning to the internet for information on Autism and its treatments, our goal is to help bridge the gap between credible research and misinformation by guiding families in recognizing truth vs myth in relation to ABA.

Throughout this series, we will analyze true and false statements, dissecting the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, and why) to equip parents with a strong foundation for making critical decisions regarding ABA, emotional responses, how to collaborate with their child's providers, and more!

The Truth vs Myth BeeKind ABA Therapy Series is tailored for parents raising children on the move. Our Truth vs Myth weekly video can be found on our Facebook page at BeeKind ABA Therapy and on our website beginning April 10 at 8 pm!

Truth or Myth: Children with Autism only engage in elopement while under the age of 4.

Truth or Myth: ABA is harmful and can change personalities.

Truth or Myth: ABA can cure Autism.

Do you know if these statements are fact or fiction? See the answers in our first video which will premiere on April 10 at 8 pm!

The best part? Our Truth vs Myth videos are 45 seconds or shorter.

See you on April 10 at 8 pm!

Do you have a Truth or Myth rumor that you heard? If so, send it to us at the link below!

Truth vs Myth Form:

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